Hint and Hunt Gift

1. **Comfy Within**-this autumn leaf fell right at the cemetery
2. {meberry} - home & garden furniture-candle lit
3. Rama RoWanberry - leaf blown away in the direction of his friends
4. Secret Garden in the Clouds-After flying I need to  relax
5. MiM-bubblegum is my favourite
6 .Designer Prims-Where the light hits the ground there is treasure to be found
7.Urban Republic Co-Up there,look up..that way..Up Here over there..down here under here..
8.xKorruptedx-Bones are scattered everywhere, beware the owner watches you.
9.Khargo-See hintgiver in store
10.AIDORU-stairway takes you to heaven... or to a gift

11.[YOS]-I'm HUNGRY!
12.ZERO COOL Designz -Lookout for a fall decoration!
13.**.::!GLEAM**!::.-love my lipstick
14.Koketka- Look for a cat) 
15.[the Skinnery]-:I love make-up
16. .::Caladesi island Co.:: -You know susctibers get the best!
17.Storaxtree-bunnies,bunniesand more bunnies

19.BENT!-no hint
20.JeSyLiLO-:Next Gloss Lips Fatpack
22.Cupcake Clothing-everyone loves a cherry on the top
23..:KILLA SKINS:.-How do you mend a broken Jack-o-lantern? With a pumpkin patch

24.Studio nails-Sometimes just a little bit of instruction is needed
25  The Muse -leaves don't fall far from the trees
26.Kabuki Creations-Best seller !!!
27.Holli Pocket-Leaves aren't the only thing that falls.
29.Piddler's Perch -Summer days spent on the deck nearest the edge where a dip would be so nice ... even still that summer is gone
30.HelaMiyo-no hint
31.The Strawberry Box-Use the store hint giver

32. .::PiCHi::.-is not a tote
33.[aberrant]-Be careful not to get tarred and FEATHERED.

34.22769 ~ casual couture-Slap the ORANGE hintgiver at landing point for actual hint.
35. [BedlaM]-Just because its free it isnt rubbish!
36.:esk-imo:-Have a seat.
37. Body Couture-I smell soooo fresh